An innovative dream home!

It's never been so easy to do what you've always wanted with Clickhouse! Why do we say this so confidently? Because we fulfill the requirements of a dream home – excellent materials and finishes, spacious and bright spaces – in a short period of time compared to conventional architecture. We simplify the process and value what really matters, making your vision a reality.

Discover your dream home here for much less than you might think.

Have you always wanted an excellent quality home with a low construction cost? ClickHouse's ranges allow you to build quality and innovation with the ideal model for you or your family for less than you think and with installment payment facilities.

Don't wait forever, models are quick to build, eco-friendly and modular.

Confusions with funding, design validation or construction time can be a huge headache! Forget these concerns with ClickHouse, we build your home in days, without wasting materials and with excellent energy efficiency. If the family grows, the house will grow too.

Do you already have the land? Choose the right model for the available area and adapt it to your style.

We have compact models available for small areas, or large models for large families. Pool, garden or garage, everything can be done to your personal taste. Get inspired by our land and houses already built!

The Best Quality/Price Ratio on the Market

Talking about ClickHouse is talking about quality at the best price! We have privileged partnerships with several banking entities. Start your dream now.

No Bureaucracies and Architecture Project Included

Put an end to the architectural design nightmare! Construction delays or unforeseen expenses will not happen with Clickhouse. We control the costs of your home in detail and the final value already includes everything: approved project, house and turnkey, without headaches.

Modular, Adaptable and Easy to Transport

Our construction solutions are versatile, modular and quick to implement. Prepared and designed not only for the present, but also for the future! You can install or remove building modules at any time.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Traditional construction wastes thousands of materials when building houses. Aware of the impact of waste on the world we live in, Clickhouse houses are designed and built in such a way as not to produce any material waste. Precision assembly reflects a reduced ecological footprint and contributes to excellent energy efficiency. Depending on the solutions at your disposal, we obtain an A+ energy rating for your home, complying with all applicable legal requirements.

Warranty and Construction Quality

Not always the quality of insulation and construction are as we envisioned, right? Clickhouse guarantees construction quality through the use of high-density wall materials, achieving excellent thermal and acoustic insulation rates compared to the competition. The high quality of our insulation, the double-glazed windows and the precision in the construction contribute to reducing energy consumption and, of course, to ensuring your comfort and well-being.

The House that Reflects your Personal Taste

We have at your disposal dozens of solutions that allow you infinite combinations. Choose the floor, the walls, the ceramics, the windows, the counters... Everything to build a dream home that is completely adapted and mirrored in your personal taste. We work directly with our partners to provide a current catalog of high quality and innovative materials.

Find out what Quality is made of.

We are guided by the objective of creating homes with the highest standards of construction and durability, with thermal and acoustic insulation above the market average, we obtain an A+ energy efficiency.

If you choose to install solar panels, it makes your home even more sustainable and of course with a reduced environmental footprint. Good for you, your wallet and the environment.

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The ideal solution is yours, our commitment is to guarantee excellence in results.

Our customers are the most precious asset, we care about their satisfaction and we guarantee after-sales assistance. Find out what they have to say and become part of a happy family.

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